Independent Stories by Jewelle
(it simply means the stories are't fanfics.)

I've always preferred writing my own stories to writing fanfics. Maybe it's because I get to make my own characters, and I get to kill them off however I want, or to make the villain as deranged as possible and so on. In order to do this, I have to write my own stories. And sometimes, these stories get a little bit too long. That's why I call it an epic.

And so without further delay, the weird and crazy stories spawned from my mind:


You've probably seen this on DJ's side of the homepage and yes, I wrote it. However, this is basically the same plot but the story in general takes a different twist, especially at the ending. Certain parts are different. This is because DJ mainly filled in the holes I had forgotten to fill. As she said, this has to be my best work. After reading and rereading, I'm also inclined to agree. ^^

If you're wondering why this was set in 1999, this is because I wrote the story in 1996 when I was 13. Who ever expected technology to move so slowly?

Apocalypse: Chapter 1
Apocalypse: Chapter 2
Apocalypse: Chapter 3
Apocalypse: Chapter 4 (End)
Apocalypse: Epilogue

If you're complaining it's too sad, blame it on my mind when it decided to make two endings.
Status: Finished.

Genocide (or at least until I find a better title)

A world picking up the pieces after a silence, it has brought itself standing upright once more. However, there is more to peace than meets the eye as something worse than the silence threatens to turn it into a crumbled civilization. 6 people, completely different personalities, different backgrounds, different purposes, one past. Along the way, events unravel before their very eyes as a forgotten past emerges.

If you liked Final Fantasy 7, you're bound to like this. Why? Because this is a sort-of sequel. Set almost 1500 years after the ending of FF7, it is almost unrecognizable except for some names. Even if you thought FF7 had the worst story among the FFs, give this one a try.

Disc One

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Status: Far from finishing.

That's about it! C & C are welcome! Even suggestions! Come on, I'm practically begging!

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